Fracture Mechanics of Thin Film Systems on the Sub-Micron Scale

  • Darjan Kozic (Redner)
  • Ruth Treml (Redner)
  • Ronald Schöngrundner (Redner)
  • Roland Brunner (Redner)
  • Kiener, D. (Redner)
  • Johannes Zechner (Redner)
  • Antretter, T. (Redner)
  • Hans Peter Ganser (Redner)

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Novel design of microelectronic components creates new issues concerning their reliability. Internal mechanical loading, e.g. from residual stresses, or external loading when the component is assembled into a microelectronic device, can cause failure via cracking or delamination. In this work, finite element simulations of micro-beam bending experiments for testing the fracture behavior of thin film metal composites deposited on a silicon substrate are presented. Due to the lattice mismatch between the materials, residual stresses are generated. Calculating the magnitude and distribution of these stresses is very important, as they add to the stresses produced by the external loads. Consequently, a stress free setting will behave differently compared to a structure with residual stresses. Additionally, crack propagation is affected by an interface to a material with different characteristics. In what follows, the variation of typical fracture parameters will be shown, depending on the residual stresses in the composite and on the crack position relative to the interface.
Zeitraum21 Apr. 2015
Ereignistitel16th International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems
OrtBudapest, UngarnAuf Karte anzeigen