The 10th International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards

  • Yangyue Pan (Redner/-in)

Aktivität: Teilnahme an oder Organisation einer VeranstaltungKonferenzteilnahme


The International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards has become one of the important international events for fire and explosion engineering and science. The knowledge of technical aspects of fire and explosion hazards is the basis for safe design and operation of systems and structures and emergency response strategies in case of incidents or accidents. Understanding the physical effects that can cause harm is vital to reduce consequences and risk during incidents or accidents leading to fire and explosions. This knowledge is especially critical when new energy carriers are being introduced in to society. The ISFEH 10 conference is a place to share research on physical effects of hazards, prediction methods for consequences, applied safety analysis methods, mitigation methods, emergency response strategies, and many other topics.

ISFEH10 inherits well established traditions of past conferences in St. Petersburg, Russia (2019), Hefei, China (2016) , Providence, USA (2013), Leeds, UK (2010), Edinburgh, UK (2007), Londonderry, UK (2003), Lake Windermere, UK (2000), and Moscow, Russia (1995, 1997).
Zeitraum22 Mai 202227 Mai 2022
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