Creep strain recovery of an in situ spinel-forming refractory castable under loading/unloading compressive creep conditions

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Creep strain recovery after unloading has been well studied for metals and certain ceramic composites; however, it has not yet been investigated for ordinary ceramic refractories applied in industrial furnaces. The present study explores the question whether creep strain recovery can be observed in ordinary ceramic refractories to justify its consideration in the design of such refractories and refractory linings. To this end, the dependence of creep strain recovery on different loading conditions was investigated for a high-alumina in situ spinel-forming castable, commonly used as refractory lining of steel ladles in secondary steel metallurgy. Several loading/unloading compressive creep tests were performed at 1300 °C for different loading histories. Creep strain recovery was observed to occur and it was significantly affected by the holding time and degree of unloading. A longer holding time for the loading period was found to increase the internal stress, which is the driving force for creep strain recovery. In addition, the findings indicate that a higher excess of internal stress over external stress after unloading induces higher strain recovery.
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FachzeitschriftCeramics International
PublikationsstatusElektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung. - 17 Mai 2023

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