Highly textured 3D-printed translucent alumina through pressure-assisted sintering

Vojtěch Nečina, Anna-Katharina Hofer, Raul Bermejo, Willi Pabst

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Templated grain growth is a promising method for the fabrication of translucent alumina ceramics and a possible way to circumvent light scattering due to birefringence. In the present paper the effect of temperature, heating rate and dwell time on grain size, orientation, hardness and in-line transmittance is investigated on 3D-printed textured alumina. The samples were prepared by lithography-based ceramic manufacturing (LCM) of suspensions with fine-grained alumina, seeded by high aspect ratio templates and sintered by spark plasma sintering (SPS). A fully developed textured microstructure was achieved at 1600 °C for 1 h, whereas sufficient in-line transmittance of 54.6 % at 550 nm was achieved at 1700 °C for 3 h, albeit at the cost of considerable grain growth and loss of microstructural texturing.
FachzeitschriftOpen ceramics
Frühes Online-Datum12 Okt. 2023
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 12 Okt. 2023

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Funding Information:
V. Nečina and W. Pabst acknowledge that this work was supported from the grant of Specific university research – grant No A1:FCHT_2022_002.

Funding Information:
A. K. Hofer and R. Bermejo acknowledge that funding for this research was provided by the European Research Council (ERC) excellent science grant “CERATEXT” through the Horizon 2020 program under contract 817615 .

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