In-situ high-temperature EBSD characterization during a solution heat treatment of hot-rolled Ti-6Al-4V

Alexander Janda, Stefan Ebenbauer, Aude Prestl, Ingo Siller, Helmut Clemens, Petra Spörk-Erdely

Publikation: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelForschungBegutachtung


In the present study the spheroidization of the microstructure during a solution heat treatment of hot-rolled Ti-6Al-4V (in m.%) is investigated by means of in-situ high-temperature electron backscatter diffraction. This technique delivers phase and orientation data next to a visualization of the morphological transformation of a discrete microstructural section. A comparison based on macroscopic hardness values and the results of quasi-static tensile tests was drawn between two types of microstructures, i.e. as-rolled and equiaxed. Complementarily, X-ray diffraction and light-optical microscopy were carried out for additional phase fraction analysis. The methods applied contribute to an improved understanding of the heat treatment performed on textured Ti-6Al-4V plate material, which was produced via a mixed β/α + β hot-rolling route. Furthermore, the influence of the created texture on the mechanical properties is revealed.

FachzeitschriftMaterials characterization
PublikationsstatusElektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung. - 8 Aug. 2022

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Funding Information:
We thank Dr. Dominik Brandl from Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH for the professional discussion on the in-situ HT EBSD method and on the obtained results.

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