Influence of Silicon and Manganese on the Peritectic Range for Steel Alloys

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Silicon is a powerful ferrite former and hence is expected to constrict the hypoperitectic range. Extensive differential scanning calorimetry measurement on Fe-C-Si-Mn samples and commercial steel grades proved a less significant
impact of silicon on carbon steel grades, but a strong interaction with manganese-alloyed steel grades during solidification. Plant observations on a slab casting machine confirm these results. These new findings are currently used to assess thermodynamic databases and will allow more precise solidification calculations in the future.
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FachzeitschriftIron and Steel Technology
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Apr. 2017
  • AISTech 2016

    Peter Presoly (Redner/-in)

    16 Mai 201619 Mai 2016

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