Mechanization of Small Scale Chrome Mine’s in Zimbabwe

Titel in Übersetzung: Mechanization of Small Scale Chrome Mine’s in Zimbabwe

Hosea Molife

Publikation: Thesis / Studienabschlussarbeiten und HabilitationsschriftenMaster Thesis (Universitätslehrgang)


The purpose of this report was to high light the challenges faced by Small Scale Miners in Zimbabwe. The research involved extensive interviews with some Small Scale Miners in the Midlands , Shurgwi areas. Information was gathered through informal and formal interviews , site visits to various mining operations which ranged from non mechanized to highly mechanized , including those operations which were in transition stages of moving from non mechanized to mechanized mining. The report covers the following topics - •Geology of the Great Dyke •Market Overview of Chrome •Advantages of Small Scale Miners •Unmechanized Mining •Disadvantages of Small Scale Miners •Zimbabwe - Small Scale Mining Environment •Conclusions •Recommendations From the research I carried out it is evident that the mchanization of Small Scale Miners in Zimbabwe will continue to be a challenge due to the lack of Government policies, access to finance, training and the participation of larger mining houses in the activities of the Small Scale Miner. The mechanization of the Small Scale Miner presents several benfits to Sandvik Mining and Construction. These include the sale of mechanized drills and mobile crushing units which can be purchased by Mining syndicates or contracting companies that contarct out to the Small Scale Miners .
Titel in ÜbersetzungMechanization of Small Scale Chrome Mine’s in Zimbabwe
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  • Moser, Peter, Betreuer (intern)
Datum der Bewilligung21 Okt. 2010
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2010

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