The finiteness property for shift radix systems with general parameters

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There are two-dimensional expanding shift radix systems (SRS) which have some periodic orbits.
The aim of the present paper is to describe such unusual points as well as possible. We give
all regions that contain parameters the corresponding SRS of which generate obvious cycles like
(1); (􀀀1); (1;􀀀1); (1; 0); (􀀀1; 0). We prove that if r = (r0; r1) 2 R2 neither belongs to the aforementioned
regions nor to the nite region 1 r0 4=3;􀀀r0 r1 < r0 􀀀 1, then r only has
the trivial bounded orbit 0, which is a natural generalization of the established niteness property
for SRS with non-periodic orbits. The further reduction should be quite involving, because for all
1 r0 < 4=3 there exists at least one interval I such that for the point (r0; r1) this is not true
whenever r1 2 I.
FachzeitschriftINTEGERS: Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2019

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