Using (VA)RTM with a Rigid Mould to Produce Fibre Metal Laminates with Proven Impact Strength

Patrick Hergan, Yanxiao Li, Lasse Zaloznik, Baris Kaynak, Florian Arbeiter, Ewald Fauster, Ralf Schledjewski

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The production of fibre metal laminates (FMLs) is a time consuming and expensive procedure. This paper shows the application of the vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding ((VA)RTM) technique using an injection unit and a rigid mould for the production of FMLs. This processing technique, in combination with a corona discharge activation of the aluminium surface, can lead to enormous reductions to the cycle time. To prove the quality of the produced FML, impact tests were carried out. The influence of the impact energy on the specimen is observed using a deformation scan and ultrasound C-Scan. Furthermore, the peak forces and permanent deflections of the tested specimen were analysed.
FachzeitschriftJournal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 11 Juni 2018

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