Ökologischer Vergleich von hochverschleißfesten Bauteilen für Anlagen der Biogasproduktion

Translated title of the contribution: Ecological comparison of highly wear-resistant components for biogas production plants

Christoph Grabner

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis


Given the global changes in recent years, the importance of climate-friendly technologies for the energy transition in Europe will continue to increase. Solutions that adhere to the principles of a circular economy and offer a wide range of applications are particularly sought after. In recent years, biogas production in particular has established itself as a promising alternative to fossil fuels, as it represents a sustainable source of energy and can make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Shredding systems are used in biogas plants for the efficient processing of various substrates in order to optimally prepare the materials to be fermented for biogas production. Highly wear-resistant components are used to protect the inner walls from abrasion caused by the shredding process and the corrosive conditions. These wall panels are subject to a high level of abrasion during operation, which makes frequent replacement necessary. The operator of an Austrian biogas plant was faced with the challenge that the components in question were showing unsatisfactory levels of wear during operation. To address this problem, an alternative component was developed that exhibited significantly improved wear resistance and lower maintenance requirements during functioning. Due to the current lack of data on material consumption and the emissions generated during manufacturing, a prototype of a life cycle assessment (LCA) model is to be used for comparability purposes. The objective is to compare the supply and value chains of two different components: Highly wear-resistant components made from black steel with carbide alloy welds, abbreviated as HWR, and original wear parts made from Hardox material. This aims to identify potential energy and ecological optimization potentials.
Translated title of the contributionEcological comparison of highly wear-resistant components for biogas production plants
Original languageGerman
Awarding Institution
  • Montanuniversität
  • Feichtinger, Gerald, Co-Supervisor (internal)
  • Posch, Wolfgang, Supervisor (internal)
Award date28 Jun 2024
Publication statusPublished - 2024

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  • Life cycle analysis
  • Highly wear-resistant components
  • Biogas production
  • Ecological footprint
  • Comparative comparison
  • Optimization potentials
  • Gate-to-grave
  • Cradle-to-gate
  • Modelling
  • Umberto
  • Ecoinvent

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