Betriebsfestigkeitsmodell von Bauteilen unter komplexen Beanspruchungen

Translated title of the contribution: Fatigue life assessment model for complex loaded components

Thomas Karl Christiner

Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis


The main topic of the presented work is the development of a fatigue life assessment model of a complex loaded component. This component is operated under high loads and a harsh regime motivating questions of fatigue, contact fatigue and fracture mechanics. For this component the developed assessment scheme is presented. To restrain the high loadings of the component classic apparatus engineering procedures are applied to achieve a global residual stress field. This residual stresses are limiting for all component modifications. For component analysis, besides classic component testing analytical and numerical calculation methods such as the finite element method (FEM) are used. The static and dynamic properties of a high strength CrNi-Steel are determined by a comprehensive test program. The influence of a superimposed fretting load on the fatigue properties of the material is investigated. A significant reduction of the fatigue properties is shown and the two dominating failure mechanisms are identified. The first is the high multiaxial loading condition and the second main influence, on the material properties due to fretting, is the material degradation in the contact zone. To identify possible palliative measures against fretting, different surface conditions and material pairings are analysed. Therefore a approach by tribological analysis methods such as the evolution of the friction coefficient COF and a complementary fractography is taken. A suitable coating pairing for the application was identified.
Translated title of the contributionFatigue life assessment model for complex loaded components
Original languageGerman
  • Affenzeller, Josef, Assessor A (internal), External person
  • Eichlseder, Wilfried, Supervisor (internal)
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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  • fatigue strength
  • fretting
  • numerical simulation (FEM)
  • apparatus engineering
  • lifetime estimation
  • fatigue

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