Digitalisation of open educational resources for lifelong learning in mining engineering education: Enhancing education with the help of augmented and virtual reality

Owain Mädel

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

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Mining engineering education is prone to change as technological advances and new topics such as environmental considerations need to be addressed. Today¿s young generation can be described as digital natives but some industry professionals could improve their digital knowledge. Open educational resources for lifelong learning are seen as an opportunity to close this gap. The implementation of augmented and virtual reality in mining engineering education can also benefit new students as insight into complex mining systems is made possible. Digital field trips and 3D models of complex mining systems can enhance students learning. Analysis of open or low-cost online educational resources and the improvement of augmented and virtual reality technology lead to development of a publicly accessible immersive learning platform for mining engineering education as part of the MiReBooks project.
Translated title of the contributionDigitalisierung von offenen Bildungsressourcen für lebenslanges Lernen im Bereich des Bergbauingenieurwesens
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Montanuniversität
  • Moser, Peter, Supervisor (internal)
Award date30 Jun 2023
Publication statusPublished - 2023

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  • Education
  • Mining
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • OER
  • Immersive
  • Lifelong learing
  • Technology

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