Einfluss gesteigerter Recyclingraten auf die Qualität von Ersatzbrennstoffen

Translated title of the contribution: Influence of increased recycling rates on the quality of solid recovered fuels

Martin Berger

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

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The aim of this work was to investigate the influence of increased recycling rates on the quality of solid recovered fuels based on waste composition and the heating value. With the new Circular Economy Package of the European Union, the recycling rates of municipal and commercial waste shall be increased to 55, 60 and 65 % by the year 2025, 2030 and 2035. The influence of the increased recycling rates on the composition of mixed commercial waste was investigated, with a focus on the plastic fractions. The first step was to take samples of mixed commercial waste. In total, 10 samples (E1 to E10) were taken. After the sampling, the following step was a screening of the waste. The used screening plates were 200, 100, 80, 60, 40, 20, 10 and 5 mm. After the screening, the samples > 20 mm were sorted in 18 different fractions. In the next step, near infrared technology was used to sort the 2D/3D plastic fractions > 60 mm. After these steps, the generated data was analysed. Based on the origin heating value of the commercial waste, the influence of different recycling rates on the waste composition and the lower heating value was investigated. It could be shown that increased recycling rates of plastics correlate with a removal of material with high heating value. The heating value of the samples E1, E4 and E5 decreases from 15,0, 16,9 and 14,7 MJ/kgOS in the 0 % Recycling scenario, to 12,1, 12,7 and 11,5 MJ/kgOS in the Worst-Case scenario. At all observed scenarios, the three waste samples can only be used at the secondary area in a cement factory, if there are no further processing steps. With an increased recycling rate, the application area for fuels maybe shifts from primary to secondary firing.
Translated title of the contributionInfluence of increased recycling rates on the quality of solid recovered fuels
Original languageGerman
Awarding Institution
  • Montanuniversität
  • Viczek, Sandra, Co-Supervisor (internal)
  • Pomberger, Roland, Supervisor (internal)
Award date16 Dec 2022
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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  • solid recovered fuels
  • plastics
  • recycling
  • mixed commercial waste
  • heating value

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