Entwicklung eines Schneidkraftmesssystems für diskenbestückte Tunnelvortriebsmaschinen

Translated title of the contribution: Development of a disc cutter load monitoring system for tunnel boring machines

Stefan Barwart

Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis


The EU-Research Project DRAGON - focuses on the development of ressource efficient and advanced underground technologies. The goals of the project were to provide solutions for the characterization and reuse of the tunnel excavation material as well as the development of measurement equipment of tunnel boring machines. Recording loads of cutting tools has been a major question in scientific research for many years. Developed systems up to now show a multitude of various solutions, which never reach the maturity phase. Reasons here fore can be found in the limited service life within the cutter head under the most adverse conditions, the complex structure of the measurement chain, as well as from an economic point of view. With a detailed analysis of mechanical components of various disk systems possible metering points are defined, containing the disc cutting tool, tool fixation and the cutter box. Based on these evaluations different sensor technologies are examined and a distinct sensor design is elaborated respectively. Using a specially constructed test set-up, different sensors are tested and evaluated under laboratory conditions. After finalizing the test phase in the laboratory further tests have been conducted on the disc cutter test rig at the company Herrenknecht proving the functional ability of the developed sensors to record disk forces. In order to evaluate the implementation of the measuring system on tunnel boring machines, two disk cutters have been dislodged in the course of the Boßler tunnel project. The evaluation of these measured data, which had been gathered after more than 900 metres of advanced distance, shows the operations reliability of the system under actual boring conditions. With the development of this disk force measuring system, this tool provides a detailed collection of loads on cutting tools, which can serve as a basis for further developments of tunnel boring machines. The intended implementation of this measuring system on multiple tunnel boring machines provide measured data, which can be used as a basis for scientific research regarding the correlation between the cutting force and the excavated rock mass.
Translated title of the contributionDevelopment of a disc cutter load monitoring system for tunnel boring machines
Original languageGerman
  • Galler, Robert, Assessor A (internal)
  • Thewes, Markus, Assessor B (external), External person
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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  • disc cutter load
  • cutter load
  • TBM
  • disc cutter load monitoring system

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