Experimental Simulation of the Interaction of Slag and Hot Metal with Coke at the Bosh Region of Blast Furnace

Anrin Bhattacharyya, Johannes Schenk, Michael Jäger, Hugo Stocker, Christoph Thaler

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


Coke is the only raw material which remains solid even at the lowest zone of blast furnace. The bed-permeability in the bosh zone of the blast furnace is maintained by the solid coke structure. The wetting behaviour of slags in the coke bed of the bosh region in a blast furnace plays a very important role on the process efficiency by directly influencing the free movement of the burden and furnace gas and thereby affecting the fuel consumption. Cokes of unsuitable quality will lead to lower permeability in the bosh zone and hinder the furnace operation. In this work, various industrial coke samples are treated with slags of different basicities in a drop-shape analysis facility at high temperature similar to process conditions. The coke samples have been treated under standard CRI (Coke Reactivity Index) test conditions beforehand in order to impart a closer process simulation. The results display the variations in wetting angle, temperature and time for different coke and slag combinations as a function of coke properties and slag compositions. The wetting behavior at the coke/hot metal interface has also been investigated. The results provide a better understanding of the solid-liquid interaction which takes place at the bosh region of the blast furnace.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication7th European Coke and Ironmaking Conference Proceedings
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2016
Event7th : European Coke and Ironmaking Conference - Europaplatz 1, Linz, Austria
Duration: 12 Sept 201614 Sept 2016


Abbreviated titleECIC
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