Highly textured 3D-printed translucent alumina through pressure-assisted sintering

Vojtěch Nečina, Anna-Katharina Hofer, Raul Bermejo, Willi Pabst

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Templated grain growth is a promising method for the fabrication of translucent alumina ceramics and a possible way to circumvent light scattering due to birefringence. In the present paper the effect of temperature, heating rate and dwell time on grain size, orientation, hardness and in-line transmittance is investigated on 3D-printed textured alumina. The samples were prepared by lithography-based ceramic manufacturing (LCM) of suspensions with fine-grained alumina, seeded by high aspect ratio templates and sintered by spark plasma sintering (SPS). A fully developed textured microstructure was achieved at 1600 °C for 1 h, whereas sufficient in-line transmittance of 54.6 % at 550 nm was achieved at 1700 °C for 3 h, albeit at the cost of considerable grain growth and loss of microstructural texturing.
Original languageEnglish
Article number100487
Number of pages6
JournalOpen ceramics
Issue numberDecember
Early online date12 Oct 2023
Publication statusPublished - 12 Oct 2023

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