Implementierung einer synchronen Produktion für Hochgeschwindigkeitsfahrwerke eines Schienenfahrzeugherstellers

Translated title of the contribution: Implementation of a synchronized production line at a manufacturer of high speed railcars

Matthias Johann Schweiger

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis


This master thesis was developed in collaboration with Siemens Transportation Systems GmbH and Co. KG. The company is the global market leader in manufacturing rail vehicles. The site in Graz is part of the worldwide operating Siemens network and is furthermore the world largest producer of high tech bogies. The annual output of the site in Graz is more than 3000 bogies. The task: The branch in Graz has received an order of 1440 bogies. There are about six months left for preparation, until the assembling of the first bogie frame starts. Almost similar bogies have been manufactured in 2006. Therefrom part lists, work processing sheets, as well as jigs and makeshifts already exist. Based on the existing data and the new requirements the primary target is, to optimize the material flow within the assembling line. The new layout of the assembling area should allow an efficient and undisturbed material flow. Furthermore a material supply chart has to be created. The plan includes when, where and how the material needs to be delivered. Also the choice of appropriate packaging is subject of this stage. Additional adequate delivery zones have to be chosen, just as economical batch sizes. The procedure: The whole project is splitted into three main phases. The first challenge is, to get information on the dominating processes. The first main phase contains an actual state analysis. Therefore all particular devices and vendor parts, as well as all production and assembling processes, are determined. In the second chapter the primary target is, getting results out of the achieved information. The last phase contains the documentary of the gained knowledge and the results. Those have to be proved and consecutive optimized. This phase concludes with a resume and it should also shows potential improvements. Finally the findings of this thesis will be immediately integrated in the production and in further planning.
Translated title of the contributionImplementation of a synchronized production line at a manufacturer of high speed railcars
Original languageGerman
  • Zöhrer, Hans Ulrich, Co-Supervisor (external), External person
  • Zsifkovits, Helmut, Supervisor (internal)
Award date18 Dec 2009
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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  • bogie production planning layout formation procurement strategy

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