Industry-oriented sample preparation with an in- ductively heated laboratory continuous casting plant for aluminum alloys

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The automotive industry demands a higher increase of scrap input during the production of aluminum
alloys. Due to the composition of the alloys created it is becoming more complex for the industry
nowadays. The variation of elemental content in the produced alloys has a significant effect on the
mechanical properties. Accordingly, it is of great interest to evaluate many possible combinations.
The realization of a wide range of potential alloy configurations requires an optimized and fast sample
preparation through continuous casting on a laboratory scale close to the industrial. In this study, the
inductively heated continuous casting plant “Indutherm VCC 3000” is evaluated in comparison with
two established production strategies on a laboratory scale (100 g and 30 kg) and industrial alloy
production. After casting the material is subjected to a cold and hot rolling step. Produced samples
are compared by using tensile testing and grain size measurements. The results show the high suita-
bility of the continuous casting plant for lab-scale alloy production. In contrast to other laboratory
scale strategies examined, the investigated device shows the potential to produce industrial-compa-
rable samples in a faster manner. In addition, this approach is easily adaptable due to the slab's flexi-
bility in length.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 11 Jun 2023
EventEuropean Metallurgical Conference EMC 2023 - CCD Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany
Duration: 11 Jun 202314 Jun 2023


ConferenceEuropean Metallurgical Conference EMC 2023

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