Life-Cycle-Analyse für Kunststoff- und Papierschnüre im Bereich Landwirtschaft

Translated title of the contribution: Life-Cycle-Analysis for plastic and paper cords in the agriculture sector

Tamara Tappeiner

    Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

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    This diploma thesis aims to compare the composting behaviour of different plastic products with that of paper products. Therefore, three composters (blank value, paper and plastic) were prepared, continuously sampled and the results were compared. At present, plastic products such as cords and binders are used in agriculture for securing plants (e.g. grapes in vineyards). However the use of plastic products can be considered to be problematic from standpoint of ecology due to the fact that the biodegradability of plastic is poor to non biodegradable and the materials contain dangerous contents (e.g. metal compounds). In the future in the sense of "sustainable development" environment-friendly products will be required. Hence, in special fields of application, such as agriculture, a substitution product for plastics has to be found. For this reason the composting behaviour should prove whether paper cords could be a suitable substitution product for the currently used plastic cords. Therefore the biodegradability of plastic and paper cords are compared and the results of this study are discussed critically, and consequences are drawn.
    Translated title of the contributionLife-Cycle-Analysis for plastic and paper cords in the agriculture sector
    Original languageGerman
    • Kastl, Isabel, Co-Supervisor (internal)
    • Lorber, Karl, Supervisor (internal)
    Award date27 Jun 2008
    Publication statusPublished - 2008

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    • composting behaviour biodegrability sustainability

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