Low-temperature heating and cooling grids based on shallow geothermal methods for urban areas

Edith Haslinger, Gregor Götzl, Karl Ponweiser, Peter Biermayr, David Stuckey, Andreas Hammer, Gerhard Bartak, Franz Vogl, Richard Niederbrucker, Viktoria Illyés, Veronika Turewicz, Peter Holzer, Thomas Kienberger, Gerfried Koch, David Bauernfeind, Paul Kinner, Robin Friedrich

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


Low temperature heating and cooling (LTHC) grids are innovativeapproaches to meet the heating and coolingdemand especially in urban areas. In October 2018 the authors started theinterdisciplinary applied research project“Smart Anergy Quarter Baden” (SANBA), with the aim of developing a LTHC grid for the former military camp “Martinek-Kaserne” in the City of Baden south of Vienna, which was abandoned in 2014 and for which there are plans to develop a new urban mixed-use quarter. The main challenge for this project is the condition of the buildings which date back tothe 1930s and which are protected by cultural heritage. The need for refurbishment of the buildings is given regardless of their future use. The refurbishment of the buildings that they are suitablefor a low-temperature heating and cooling distribution system is a new aspect for the owner, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence.Key elements for the LTHC grid are the use of industrial low-temperature waste heat from processes in the neighbouring NÖM dairy plant as well as the development of refurbishment and conversion concepts for the protected buildings.The approach and the first results will be presented at the conference
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 11 Jun 2019

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