New continuous mining system for hard rock application

Peter Zeitlhofer

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    The aim of the diploma thesis is to develop and describe a “New continuous mining system for hard rock application” which can be used for mining hard rock and soft rock and to describe the complete material handling process with a special look at the copper mine Aktogai in Kazakhstan. The conveyance of the mined material out of the mine and the used machines and units are of capital importance and have to be described in detail. State of the art Nowadays there are three conventional mining systems regarded to be state of the art for open-pit mining. There are different advantages and disadvantages in regard to the used units and equipment related to mining velocity and rock hardness. The first system called ”Continuous Mining and Haulage” uses a bucket wheel excavator for mining and a belt conveyor for transporting the mined material. The second system named “Truck and Shovel” uses a surface drilling rig for loosening the material by introducing explosives into the boreholes. The loose material is handled with a shovel excavator or wheel loader and transported out of the mine by trucks instead of a belt conveyor. The third system called “Truck, Shovel and Conveyor” works very similar to the second system with one exception. The mined material is not transported out of the mine by trucks but it is carried directly to a crusher inside the mine with a wheel loader or shovel excavator or by use of trucks. After crushing and sizing in the crusher the material is transported via a belt conveyor out of the mine. For mining of soft rock, all these three systems can be used. Hard rock mining is only possible by use of the second and third system. The advantages of all three systems are to be extracted to be used for the new continuous mining system discussed in this thesis. The second aim is to enhance the operational capacity and reduce the amount of personnel by using belt conveyors instead of trucks. The “New continuous mining system for hard rock application” can be used for small, large and very large mines for mining soft rock and hard rock as well. The new system requires fewer personnel for conveying and is more efficient when conveying on longer distances.
    Translated title of the contributionNeues, kontinuierliches Abbauverfahren zur Anwendung für Hartgestein
    Original languageEnglish
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    • Montanuniversität
    • Kessler, Franz, Supervisor (internal)
    Award date27 Mar 2015
    Publication statusPublished - 2015

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    • truck
    • shovel
    • conveyor
    • haulage
    • copper
    • hard rock
    • soft rock
    • bucket wheel excavator
    • wheel loader
    • stacker reclaimer
    • open-pit mining
    • crusher
    • spreader
    • storage area

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