Organization of Second-Class Explosives “Amonal” and “Zayad”


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Over the past ten years, the Ukrainian market has established a tendency to displace patronized TNT explosives (PTE) by cartridge emulsion explosives (CEE). This led to the reduction in the share of PTE in the total amount of second-class cartridge explosives from 95% in 2007 to 25% in 2016, while the share of CEE increased from 5% to 75%, respectively. This trend is due to the lower cost of CEE (20% to 50%) relative to PTE. The goal of the project is to preserve the positions of limited liability company «RPE Zarya» in the market of patronized explosives due to the production of new types of Second-class cartridge explosives with a reduced content of TNT -»AMONAL» and «ZaryaD». Products «AMONAL» and «ZaryaD» are analogues of Ammonite 6ZhV, the content of trinitrotoluene in their composition is planned to be reduced to 16%, preserving the explosive properties at the same level. Reduction of the products cost is achieved by full or partial replacement of water-resistant ammonium nitrate with granulated ammonium nitrate of grade B. Thus, the cost of these products is at the level of emulsion explosives costs, which used in the Ukrainian market, while marginal profitability of products remains at the level of 50-59%. These products are intended to become the competitors in the Ukrainian market in terms of price-quality ratio in bulk and patronized emulsion explosives. The placement of production of second-class cartridge explosives (SCCE) AMONAL and ZaryaD is planned on the basis of the existing production of ammonite 6ZhV (2006).
Translated title of the contributionOrganization of Second-Class Explosives “Amonal” and “Zayad”
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  • Second-Class Explosives
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