Overview of Test Methods for Ground Support

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This report comprises a collection of testing methods for ground support. The results of the report shall be used for further investigations and evaluation on testing methods for support systems. In order to obtain a uniform structure, the testing methods were separated into specification and performance tests. According to Wagner (2010) "the objective of specification testing is to determine whether a support meets the performance that is pre-defined in the support specification". In contrast to that performance testing is used to test the support performance under static or dynamic loading conditions or to test the functionality of the support. The specification and performance tests are divided into tests on material, components, support unit, support system and support system including rock mass. The latter chapter is differentiated into static and dynamic tests. Although rock properties are very important to evaluate the rock support system, this report does not include tests to determine these rock properties. The listed support systems can be used either in mining or in civil engineering. This report focuses on roadway support. Powered support as well as face support and shaft support were left unconsidered. The literature review resulted in a list of many different testing methods to determine the performance of support units, systems and support systems including rock mass. These tests have two main objectives. On the one hand there are tests and experiments that shall help to understand the mechanism of the support system. On the other hand, tests are run to determine the capability or effectiveness of systems. The latter ones can be used to quantify the support systems. Therefore the objective of the tests is from interest. The report presents the first phase of the Mining Initiative on Ground Support Work package 5. It comprises a literature review, collection of data and development of a sufficient structure or data evaluation. An ongoing project will be the evaluation of the collected data. By means of the collected data on testing methods for ground support and after developing a sufficient structure for data evaluation, the following conclusion can be drawn: There are a lot of standards for testing the materials and also for testing components for ground support systems. However, there is a lack of standards for testing the support units and support systems.
Translated title of the contributionÜberblick über Testmethoden für Ausbau
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  • Wagner, Horst, Co-Supervisor (external)
  • Moser, Peter, Supervisor (internal)
  • Hohl, Wolfgang, Co-Supervisor (internal)
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Publication statusPublished - 2011

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