Production of carbon and hydrogen by methane pyrolysis: Assessment of chemical properties of carbon produced via methane pyrolysis in a liquid metal bubble column reactor.

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In the context of the growing interest in hydrogen as an energy carrier and reducing agent, numerous industries, including the iron and steel sector, are contemplating an increased adoption of hydrogen. Expanding and developing hydrogen production is imperative to meet the escalating demand in energy-intensive industries. However, the present hydrogen production methods heavily rely on fossil fuels, resulting in a substantial environmental burden, with approximately 10 tons of CO2 emissions per ton of hydrogen generated [1, 2]. To address this challenge, methane pyrolysis has emerged as a promising approach to produce clean hydrogen with reduced CO2 emissions. This process involves the dissociation of methane into hydrogen and solid carbon, leading to a substantial reduction in the carbon dioxide footprint associated with hydrogen production [3, 4]. The Montanuniversitaet Leoben (Austria) is actively researching methane pyrolysis and developing a liquid metal bubble column reactor (LMBCR) specifically dedicated to this purpose. On the one hand, the resulting H2-rich product gas from methane pyrolysis may have potential applications in various processes, such as iron ore reduction. On the other hand, carbon products have stricter requirements in terms of impurities, depending on their intended field of use. Many applications demand shallow threshold values for impurities in the carbon product [5]. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to investigate the chemical properties of carbon produced via methane pyrolysis in an LMBCR concerning impurities and to propose process technological improvements to enhance the overall product quality.
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Publication statusPublished - 3 Feb 2024
EventSIPS 2023: Sustainability through Science & Technology - Panama City, Panama
Duration: 27 Nov 20231 Dec 2023


ConferenceSIPS 2023
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