Realisierung (inkl. Felderprobung) eines Balancing- und Monitoringsystems für USV-Batterien mit langer Überbrückungsdauer

Translated title of the contribution: Development and Implementation of a Battery Balancing and Monitoring System for Uninterruptible Power Supply

Johannes Jörg Deisinger

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

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Since more than 100 years electrochemical energy storages are in use to store electrical energy in a more or less small scale but never before their role was as important as in these days. Reducing carbondioxid emissions and dependance on fosil fuels is of growing concern for todays society. For our western world the growth of renewable energy production is a decent way to accomplish these tasks. Environmentally friendly energy production is less of an issue than storing the produced energy. Fluctuation in production based on quirks of solar, wind and water are not consistent with the demands and daily habits of our society. Electrochemical energy storage seems a viable solution to overcome this issue when harvesting electrical energy to supply our needs. The continuously growing demand for higher energy and power densities in batteries contradicts ecomies of scale. Storage technologies get even more complex and costlier. Inherity in global reserve of rare earth materials does the rest. Response to environmental conditions is another crucial factor when using electrochemical energy storage. As a result optimized utilisation of battery technology is of the essence to prolong lifetime of these devices. For this reason my thesis aims on developing, testing and implementing a battery balancing system for lead acid batteries to energise an uninterruptible power supply for oilfield equipment. The device is used in combination with a sucker rod pump on an oilfield of the Austrian oil and gas company OMV. Key is to prolong battery life and reduce aging processes. These will be accomplished by optimizing charging characteristics, state of charge equalization and prevention of over-charging. A temperature monitoring unit will provide additional safety supporting the detection of battery defects before they get critical. The use of lead acid batteries is essential for the application close to an active oil well. With minor adaptions the system can be used with any other existing battery technology. Learnings of my research are documented in this thesis to support renewable energy solutions and sustainable use of resources. I hope to contribute to future research in this area and want to point out that the combination of renewable energy along with production of fosil fuel in this project illustrates that the responsible use of resources is essential for the persistance of our civilization.
Translated title of the contributionDevelopment and Implementation of a Battery Balancing and Monitoring System for Uninterruptible Power Supply
Original languageGerman
Awarding Institution
  • Montanuniversität
  • Weiß, Helmut, Supervisor (internal)
Award date17 Dec 2021
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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  • balancing
  • OMV
  • lead acid battery
  • temperatur measurement
  • uninterruptable power supply

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