Single Edge Precrack V-Notched Beam (SEPVNB) Fracture Toughness Testing on Silicon Nitride

Tjokorda Gde Tirta Nindhia, Tanja Lube

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The previous Measurement of fracture toughness test by using bright indentation for precracked beam method (ASTM C1421) was found difficult to be carried out due to difficulty in precrack generation and measurement of the crack size. In this research single edge precrack V-notch beam (SEPVNB) is introduced as an alternative to solve the problem from previous standardized method. A real crack that can be created with referred size is recognized as the best condition for fracture toughness test. The material prepared for this purpose was silicon nitride (Si3N4) produced by CeramTec (Plochingen, Germany) under the name SL200 B. It is a gas pressure sintered ceramic containing ≈3 wt. % Al2O3 and≈ 3 wt. % Y2O3. The V Notch was prepared by using razor blade with diamond paste following ISO/FDIS 23146 standard preparation with more addition on precrack introduction. The precrack was introduced by so called opposite roller loading. The fracture toughness test was carried out by following procedure in ISO/FDIS 23146. The result then was compared for validation with both single edge V-notch beam standard (ISO/FDIS 23146) and Surface crack in Flexure SCF (ASTM C 1421). The result of fracture toughness by using method that is introduce in this research is found 5.827±0.275 MPa 1/2 which is close to the result of SCF (5.335± 0.222 MPa 1/2 ). Meanwhile the value of fracture toughness by using V-notch beam is 4.913±0.098 MPa 1/2.

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Publication statusPublished - 2019

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