Acta materialia, 1359-6454


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  1. 2017
  2. Veröffentlicht

    Peculiarity of self-assembled cubic nanolamellae in the TiN/AlN system: Epitaxial self-stabilization by element deficiency/excess

    Zalesak, J., Holec, D., Matko, I., Petrenec, M., Sartory, B., Koutna, N., Daniel, R., Pitonak, R. & Keckes, J. 2017 in : Acta materialia. 131, S. 391-399

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Artikel

  3. Veröffentlicht

    Pre- and post-buckling behavior of bi-crystalline micropillars: Origin and consequences

    Kirchlechner, C., Toth, F., Rammerstorfer, F. G., Fischer, F. D. & Dehm, G. 2017 in : Acta materialia. 124, S. 195-203

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Artikel

  4. Veröffentlicht

    Systematic ab initio investigation of the elastic modulus in quaternary transition metal nitride alloys and their coherent multilayers

    Wang, F., Holec, D., Odén, M., Mücklich, F., Abrikosov, I. A. & Tasnádi, F. 2017 in : Acta materialia. 127, S. 124-132 9 S.

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Artikel

  5. Veröffentlicht

    The contribution of 180° domain wall motion to dielectric properties quantified from in situ X-ray diffraction

    Fancher, C. M., Brewer, S., Chung, C. C., Röhrig, S., Rojac, T., Esteves, G., Deluca, M., Bassiri-Gharb, N. & Jones, J. L. 2017 in : Acta materialia. 126, S. 36-43 8 S.

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Artikel

  6. Veröffentlicht

    The enhanced theta-prime (q0) precipitation in an Al-Cu alloy with trace Au additions

    Chen, Y., Zhang, Z., Chen, Z., Tsalanidis, A., Weyland, M., Findlay, S., J. Allen, L., Li, J., V. Medhekar, N. & Bourgeois, L. 2017 in : Acta materialia. 125, S. 340-350 11 S.

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Artikel

  7. Veröffentlicht

    Thermodynamic instability of a nanocrystalline, single-phase TiZrNbHfTa alloy and its impact on the mechanical properties

    Schuh, B., Voelker, B., Todt, J., Schell, N., Perriere, LI, J., Couzinie & Hohenwarter, A. 2017 in : Acta materialia. 142, S. 201-212

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Artikel

  8. 2016
  9. Veröffentlicht

    Interface dominated mechanical, properties of ultra-fine grained and nanoporous Au at elevated temperatures

    Leitner, A., Maier-Kiener, V., Jeong, J., Abad, M. D., Hosemann, P., Oh, S. H. & Kiener, D. Dez 2016 in : Acta materialia. 121, S. 104-116

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Artikel

  10. Veröffentlicht

    Design strategy for controlled natural aging in Al–Mg–Si alloys

    Werinos, M., Antrekowitsch, H., Prillhofer, R., Ebner, T., Curtin, W. A., Uggowitzer, P. J. & Pogatscher, S. 1 Okt 2016 in : Acta materialia. 118, S. 296-305 10 S.

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Artikel

  11. Veröffentlicht

    Influence of ejection temperature on structure and glass transition behavior for Zr-based rapidly quenched disordered alloys

    Wang, X. H., Inoue, A., Kong, F. L., Zhu, S. L., Stoica, M., Kaban, I., Chang, C. T., Shalaan, E., Al-Marzouki, F. & Eckert, J. 1 Sep 2016 in : Acta materialia. 116, S. 370-381 12 S.

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Artikel

  12. Veröffentlicht

    Simultaneous enhancements of strength and toughness in an Al-12Si alloy synthesized using selective laser melting

    Suryawanshi, J., Prashanth, K. G., Scudino, S., Eckert, J., Prakash, O. & Ramamurty, U. 15 Aug 2016 in : Acta materialia. 115, S. 285-294 10 S.

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Artikel