Acta materialia, 1359-6454


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  1. 2016
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    Grain refinement of hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys with B

    Chen, Z., Kang, H., Fan, G., Li, J., Lu, Y., Jie, J., Zhang, Y., Li, T., Jian, X. & Wang, T. 2016 in : Acta materialia. 120, S. 168 178 S.

    Publikationen: Forschung - BegutachtungArtikel

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    High resolution determination of local residual stress gradients in single- and multilayer thin film systems

    Treml, R., Kozic, D., Zechner, J., Maeder, X., Gänser, H-P., Schöngrundner, R., Michler, J., Brunner, R. & Kiener, D. 2016 in : Acta materialia. 103, S. 616-623

    Publikationen: Forschung - BegutachtungArtikel

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    Improved thermodynamic Treatment of vacancy-mediated diffusion

    Fischer, F. D., Hackl, K. & Svoboda, J. 2016 in : Acta materialia. 108, S. 347-354

    Publikationen: Forschung - BegutachtungArtikel

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    Interface dominated mechanical properties of ultra-fine grained and nanoporous Au at elevated temperatures

    Leitner, A., Maier-Kiener, V., Jeong, J., Abad, M. D., Hosemann, P., Oh, S. H. & Kiener, D. 2016 in : Acta materialia. 121, S. 104-116 13 S.

    Publikationen: Forschung - BegutachtungArtikel

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    Precipitation hardening of an Mg-5Zn-2Gd-0.4Zr (wt. %) alloy

    Li, J., Barrirero, J., Sha, G., Aboulfadl, H., Mücklich, F. & Schumacher, P. 2016 in : Acta materialia. 108, S. 207-218 12 S.

    Publikationen: Forschung - BegutachtungArtikel

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    Strain-induced phase transformation of a thin Co film on flexible substrates

    Marx, V. M., Kirchlechner, C., Breitbach, B., Cordill, M., Többens, D. M., Waitz, T. & Dehm, G. 2016 in : Acta materialia.

    Publikationen: Forschung - BegutachtungArtikel

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    The bulk and interfacial structures of the (Al2Au) precipitate phase

    Bourgeois, L., Zhang, Z., Li, J. & Medhekar, N. 2016 in : Acta materialia. 105, S. 284-293 10 S.

    Publikationen: Forschung - BegutachtungArtikel