Applied surface science, 0169-4332




  1. 2018
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    A comparative study on NbOx films reactively sputtered from sinterd and cold gas sprayed targets

    Lorenz, R., O`Sullivan, M., Fian, A., Sprenger, D., Lang, B. & Mitterer, C. 2018 in : Applied surface science. S. 1157-1162

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  3. 2017
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  5. 2016
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    Local charge trapping in Ge nanoclustersdetected by Kelvin probe force microscopy

    Kondratenko, S. V., Lysenko, V. S., Kozyrev, Y. N., Kratzer, M., Storozhuk, D. P., Iliash, S. A., Czibula, C. & Teichert, C. 15 Dez 2016 in : Applied surface science. 389, S. 783-789 7 S.

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  7. 2009
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    Ion-bombardment induced morphology change of device related SiGe multilayer heterostructures

    Hofer, C., Teichert, C., Werner, J., Lyutovich, K. & Kasper, E. 2009 in : Applied surface science. 256, S. 267-273

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  9. 2006
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    Characterization of a SiC/SiC composite by X-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy and positron spectroscopies

    Brauer, G., Anwand, W., Eichhorn, E., Skorupa, W., Hofer, C., Teichert, C., Kuriplach, J., Cizek, J., Prochazka, I., Coleman, P. G., Nozawa, T. & Kohyama, A. 2006 in : Applied surface science. 252, S. 3342-3351

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  11. Veröffentlicht

    Modification of wetting of copper (Cu) on carbon (C) by plasma treatment and molybdenum (Mo)interlayers

    Eisenmenger-Sittner, C., Schrank, C., Neubauer, E., Eiper, E. & Keckes, J. 2006 in : Applied surface science. 252, S. 5343-5346

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