Decompositions of a matrix by means of its dual matrices with applications

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  • Daegu University, Gyeongbuk


We introduce the Notion of dual matrices of an infinite Matrix A, which are defined by the dual sequences of the rows of A and naturally connected to the Pascal Matrix. We present the Cholesky decomposition of the symmetric Pascal Matrix by means of ist dual Matrix. Decompositions of a Vandermonde Matrix are used to obtain variants of the Lagrange Interpolation polynomial of degree <=n that passes through the n+1 Points (i,q_i) for i=0,1,...,n.


Titel in ÜbersetzungMatrixzerlegungen mithilfe ihrer dualen Matrizen mit Anwendungen
Seiten (von - bis)100-117
FachzeitschriftLinear algebra and its applications
Jahrgang537 (2018)
StatusVeröffentlicht - 2018