Effect of Confinement on Detonation Velocity and Plate Dent Test Results for ANFO Explosive

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  • University of Zagreb


The detonation properties of nonideal explosives are highly dependent on charge diameter and existence and properties of confinement. In this study, the effect of different confinements on the detonation velocity of ANFO explosives was experimentally determined along with the results of the plate dent test. ANFO explosive was selected as one of the most commonly used nonideal explosives. Following the measurement results, we found that the detonation velocity increased with increasing wall thickness, and the velocity increase was different for different confinement materials. A strong correlation existed between the ratio of the mass of confiner and explosive (M/C) and the detonation velocity (R = 0.995), and between (M/C) and the depth of the dent (δ) (R = 0.975). The data presented in this paper represent preliminary findings in developing a confinement model required for reliable numerical modeling of nonideal explosives.


FachzeitschriftEnergies : open-access journal of related scientific research, technology development and studies in policy and management
StatusVeröffentlicht - 16 Juni 2022