Ganymed - The development of an industrial load profile generation software

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The rising volatility of industrial energy systems bears new challenges for all energy related research endeavours. The transition of physical energy systems into the digital world can bring forth new solutions by swiftly evaluating trends and changes and their implications. One of these solutions lies in the generation of synthetic industrial load profiles, which majorly support the strategic decision making for energy suppliers, grid operators and industrial plants itself when implementing new technologies or renewable energies at industrial sites. However,due to the heterogeneity of the industrial landscape in terms of processes and production route structures, there are still solutions missing for depicting all industries in a standardised and user-friendly way. We therefore developed the simulation software Ganymed and implemented methodologies and data bases for generating the LPs of user-defined production routes as
well as for synthetic industrial sites. These methodologies consist of the time based simulation paradigm of discrete event simulation for evaluating the energy intensive industrial subsectors and of stochastic algorithms handling open accessibly databases for analysing non-energy intensive subsectors. These approaches are encapsulated within the software framework and are controllable via a graphic user interface.


TitelConference Proceedings New Energy for Industry 2022
Untertitel2nd Conference of the Innovation Network
ISBN (elektronisch)978-3-200-08856-6
StatusVeröffentlicht - 7 Dez. 2022