1. 2018
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    Marble and sculpture at Leptis Magna (Tripolitania, Libya): A preliminary study concerning origin and workshops

    Musso, L., Buccino, L., Bruno, M., Attanasio, D. & Prochaska, W., 2018, Proceedings of the XI ASMOSIA Conference (Split May 2015). S. 481-491

    Publikationen: Beitrag in Buch/Bericht/KonferenzbandBeitrag in KonferenzbandForschung

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    Marmora in the Late Imperial Palace in Roman Treveres: Import from the Mediterranean Provinces and Supplement from the Regional Sources

    Ruppiene, V. & Prochaska, W., 2018, S. 35.

    Publikationen: KonferenzbeitragAbstract/ZusammenfassungForschung(peer-reviewed)

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    Materal-specific Investigation and Marble-Provenance Analysis of Inscription Plaques in the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates/Cyprus

    Prochaska, W., Ladstätter, S., Ambros, G. & Mitthof, F., 2018, in : Jahreshefte des Österreichischen Archäologischen Institutes in Wien. 2018, 86, S. 199-220

    Publikationen: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelForschung(peer-reviewed)

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    Microporosity in solid bitumen: The key to unconventional reservoir potential in the Ukrainian Dniepr-Donets Basin

    Misch, D., Klaver, J., Groß, D., Sachsenhofer, R., Schmatz, J. & Urai, J., 2018.

    Publikationen: KonferenzbeitragAbstract/ZusammenfassungForschung(peer-reviewed)

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    Mineralogical Study of the Advanced Argillic Alteration Zone at the Konos Hill Mo–Cu–Re–Au Porphyry Prospect, NE Greece

    Mavrogonatos, C., Voudouris, P., Spry, P. G., Melfos, V., Klemme, S., Berndt, J., Baker, T., Moritz, R., Bissig, T., Monecke, T. & Zaccarini, F., 2018, in : Minerals. 8, S. 1-18 18 S.

    Publikationen: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelForschung(peer-reviewed)

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    Naxian Marble: The area where the story begins

    Anevlavi, V. & Prochaska, W., 2018, S. 6.

    Publikationen: KonferenzbeitragAbstract/ZusammenfassungForschung

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    Non-Destructive Identification of Göktepe White Marble Artifacts Using a Portable (Hand-Held) XRF Analyzer

    Magrini, D., Attanasio, D., Bracci, S., Cantisani, E. & Prochaska, W., 2018, S. 129.

    Publikationen: KonferenzbeitragPosterForschung(peer-reviewed)

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    On the presence of white and black Göktepe quarry blocks at Rome and Ostia

    Attanasio, D., Bruno, M., Prochaska, W. & Yavuz, A. B., 2018, S. 34.

    Publikationen: KonferenzbeitragAbstract/ZusammenfassungForschung(peer-reviewed)