1. 2017
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    The SDS process: A viable way for the production of metal parts

    Kukla, C., Gonzalez-Gutierrez, J., Hampel, S., Burkhardt, C. & Holzer, C. 24 Apr 2017 1 S.

    Forschungsoutput: ForschungAbstract/Zusammenfassung

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    Influence of solute content on grain size in binary Cu alloys

    Cziegler, A. & Schumacher, P. 20 Apr 2017 Proceedings of the MultiScience-XXXI. microCAD International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference. 8 S.

    Forschungsoutput: ForschungBeitrag in Konferenzband

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    Metal Injection Moulding for the Production of Recycled Rare Earth Magnets

    Gonzalez-Gutierrez, J., Walton, A., Schlauf, T., Burkhardt, C., Kukla, C., Krispin, M. & Holzer, C. 20 Apr 2017 1 S.

    Forschungsoutput: ForschungPoster

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    Prediction and Characterization of Residual Stresses after Heat Treatment of Massive Hot Work Tool Steel Components

    Schemmel, M., Antretter, T., Ecker, W. & Prevedel, P. 19 Apr 2017

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Vortrag

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    From laboratory to big scale – Challenges for FEM modelling of big-scale tests

    Gehwolf, P. 18 Apr 2017

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Paper

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    Hierarchical surface patterning of Ni- and Be-free Ti- and Zr-based bulk metallic glasses by thermoplastic net-shaping

    Sarac, B., Bera, S., Balakin, S., Stoica, M., Calin, M. & Eckert, J. 1 Apr 2017 in : Materials science and engineering (C, Biomimetic and supramolecular systems). 73, S. 398-405 8 S.

    Forschungsoutput: Forschung - (peer-reviewed)Artikel

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    Inverse determination of rock mechanical parameters using non-standard laboratory tests

    Stoxreiter, T. Apr 2017 Proceedings of the IV International Conference on Computational Methods in Tunneling and Subsurface Engineering.

    Forschungsoutput: ForschungBeitrag in Konferenzband