1. 2018
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    Influence of temperature on the biaxial strength of cemented carbides with different microstructures

    Chicardi, E., Bermejo, R., Gotor, F. J., Llanes, L. & Torres, Y. 2018 in : International journal of refractory metals & hard materials. 71, S. 82-91 10 S.

    Publikationen: Forschung - BegutachtungArtikel

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    Lixiviation kinetics of cobalt from cemented carbides

    Kücher, G., Luidold, S., Czettl, C. & Storf, C. 2018 in : International journal of refractory metals & hard materials. 70, Supplement C, S. 239-245 7 S.

    Publikationen: Forschung - BegutachtungArtikel

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    Mechanical characterization of Ti(C,N)-based cermets fabricated through different colloidal processing routes

    Dios, M., Kraleva, I., González, Z., Alvaredo, P., Ferrari, B., Gordo, E. & Bermejo, R. 2018 in : Journal of alloys and compounds. 732, S. 806-817 12 S.

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  9. Angenommen/In Druck

    Petrographic and biomarker analysis of xylite-rich coal from the Kolubara and Kostolac lignite basins (Pannonian Basin, Serbia)

    Dokovic, N., Mitrovic, D., Zivotic, D., Bechtel, A., Sachsenhofer, R. & Stojanovic, K. 2018 (Angenommen/In Druck) in : Geologica Carpathica. 69

    Publikationen: Forschung - BegutachtungArtikel

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    Rapid and partial crystallization to design ductile CuZr-based bulk metallic glass composites

    Song, K. K., Han, X., Pauly, S., Qin, Y. S., Kosiba, K., Peng, C. X., Gong, J. H., Chen, P. X., Wang, L., Sarac, B., Ketov, S., Mühlbacher, M., Spieckermann, F., Kaban, I. & Eckert, J. 2018 in : Materials and design. 139, S. 132-140

    Publikationen: Forschung - BegutachtungArtikel

  11. 2017
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