Analyse von Kontaktvorgängen und Optimierung von fördertechnischen Anlagen hinsichtlich Partikelbruchs bei Sinter

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The following master thesis deals with the analysis of bulk material, in particular sinter, which is exposed to high loads during its transport on the conveying system from the sintering furnace to the blast furnace. At the beginning, basic processes containing the formation of sinter, its storage and transport, and related problems and solutions are demonstrated. In order to be able to record loads on sintered particles, drop case calibrations are carried out, which make it possible to integrate compressive forces on particles in software calculations. An evaluation of recorded contact processes of particles with baffle plates is carried out and becomes detectable in terms of efficiency in „discrete element method“-software. A specially developed program allows to calculate compressive forces on each individual transported particle and for each individual point in time, and to analyze whether the load limits are exceeded. Then a specific transfer point of sinter at voestalpine Stahl Donawitz GmbH is examined closely and analyzed using "discrete element methods". New improvement systems such as a "flowscrape"-system or a "hood & spoon"-chute system are adapted to the prevailing situation, and their benefits in terms of particle breakage are determined.


Translated title of the contributionAnalysis of contact processes and optimization of conveyor systems with regard to sinter particle breakage
Original languageGerman
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Publication statusPublished - 2020