Analysis of real-time ESP data for detecting producer-injector interaction

Research output: ThesisMaster's ThesisResearch


Due to the redevelopment of the 16th Torton reservoir, traditional sucker rod pumps were replaced by high volumetric electrical submersible pumps (ESPs). The newly installed pumps got equipped with downhole sensors, measuring the pump intake pressure. For this reason, and as result of the dense distribution of sensors over the field, the idea arose to investigate in the pressure responses of producing wells in order to identify clusters of injectors and producers that are interconnected. Basically, 30 ESP-producers and 15 injectors were considered in the analysis. The first target was accomplished by the detection of four clusters using the downhole sensors’ pressure data on a daily average basis. Furthermore, one horizontal producer was observed, whose turn-off would cause a huge impact on surrounding producer wells. In addition to the hard-fact research approach, analytical methods were used to calculate the time span a pressure wave would need to travel from an injection well to a producer. The results, depending on the distance, vary from two hours to 113 hours for a pressure wave to response at a producer’s sensor. Together with the amount of time a water front requires for flooding a certain area, water coning investigations were conducted. Those investigations showed an already prevalent coning activity. An interference test was performed to investigate in the pressure “build-up” after an injection break-down. As a last analysing method, a streamline surveillance model was set up, in order to illustrate the injected water distribution based on historical production and injection data. It was also possible to perform optimization recommendations on the field’s injection and production strategy. At the end, these options, suggested by the applied software, were squared with their feasibility in real life. Several technical and economical limitations led to inapplicability for most of the proposed ideas at this point in time. In the future, recourse to some of the suggested strategies can be taken into consideration.


Original languageEnglish
Award date16 Dec 2016
StatePublished - 2016