Aufbereitung von synthetischem Kauster für den Einsatz in der Papier- und Zellstoffindustrie

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RHI Magnesita (RHIM), the global market leader in the refractory industry, is fighting against the actual challenging situation in the global MgO raw material market. RHIM is looking for new applications for MgO-based raw materials to extend the product portfolio continuously in the area of raw material sales. The latest possibility for a new application will be expected in the area of pulp & paper with synthetic Magnesia. For a successful application of synthetic caustic calcined magnesia (CCM) in the pulp & paper industry the coarse CCM directly from the rotary kiln must be processed. Based on preliminary investigations of competitor products a grain size < 100 µm was identified as optimum. To find the best processing method and their impact on the two process-determining parameters, sedimentation behavior and the reachable hydration degree, with different processing units MgO-samples were produced and tested on their specific properties. The lab trails showed that the application of synthetic CCM compared with normally used natural CCM in the area of pulp & paper gives several advantages. The MgO-sample prepared by the pin mill gives the best results. Therefore, the developed product RHIM CCM P&P was used for an industrial test of a period of 4 month. The industrial trial with RHIM CCM P&P in plant D should be assessed as positive as the requirements of the pulp and paper industry were fulfilled. The conclusion is that the standard CCM can be totally exchanged with synthetic one in the pulp production process. This comes with a range of additional process-relevant and economic benefits.


Translated title of the contributionProcessing of synthetic caustic calcined magnesia for use in the pulp and paper industry
Original languageGerman
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Publication statusPublished - 2020