Bearbeitungs- und Instrumentierungsvorschläge zur Echtzeiterfassung der Einwirkungen an Abbauwerkzeugen von Tunnelbohrmaschinen

Research output: ThesisDiploma Thesis

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The aim of this thesis is to build the groundwork for the development of a real-time monitoring system for forces acting on disc-cutters of tunnel boring machines (TBM). The two main procedures to mount disc cutters in the cutter head of a TBM are the Wedge Lock and the Conical Saddle System. To begin with, the original Wedge Lock System is modelled and simulated with the software package Abaqus/CAE to obtain stresses and strains. In order to evaluate suitable positions for the placement of measurement equipment, certain parts of the structure are modified and again evaluated regarding stress levels and the feasibility of the sensor location. The Conical Saddle System uses an entirely different concept of mounting a disc cutter. Thus, the structure is modelled and simulated and recommendations for sensor placement are given. Subsequently, when all modelling, simulation work and instrumentation recommendations are completed, laboratory tests are carried out using the instrumented Conical Saddle System. These tests require a special clamping device, the construction of which is described in the last part of this thesis. In combination with a device for applying the load to the disc cutter, the clamping device enables testing of various load cases in a hydraulic press.


Translated title of the contributionSuggestions on modifications and instrumentations for the real-time investigation of cutter loads used on tunnelboring machines
Original languageGerman
Award date29 Jun 2012
Publication statusPublished - 2012