Beurteilung der Einflüsse von Imperfektionen auf die Energieabsorption von faserbewehrtem Spritzbeton im Plattenversuch mittels numerischer Berechnungen

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The evaluation of fiber reinforced sprayed concrete is conducted by plate test procedure according to OENORM EN 14488-5. With the test facility developed by the chair of subsurface engineering, a number of tests were performed. The target of the tests was to asses the influence of imperfections of the samples, support and test conditions on the energy absorption capacity. In this thesis the plate test is simulated with the FE-Program ABAQUS, utilizing the 'Concrete Damage Plasticity' (CDP) material model. An analysis is performed to describe the impact of the modeling technique and the numerical imperfections on the crack development.


Translated title of the contributionThe evaluation of the influences of imperfections on the energy absorption capacity of a fibre reinforced sprayed concrete in the plate test by means of numerical analyses
Original languageGerman
Award date16 Dec 2011
Publication statusPublished - 2011