Charakterisierung der Schwankungsbereiche der wesentlichen Eingangsgrößen der Möllerrechnung und Auswirkungen auf die Schwankungsbreite der Ergebnisse

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Burden calculation is the basis for determining the mass of raw materials used for the blast furnace. It considers process related aspects as well as quality requirements of the products sinter, raw iron and slag. The basis of the calculation are material balances of the sinter and the blast furnace process. As a result of these balances the hot metal price is calculated. Due to the fact that burden calculation is also used for strategical decisions, this theses deals with the determination of the statistical uncertainty of the calculated hot metal price. A sensitivity analysis reveals the essential variables of main impact. Applying statistical rules the confidence level of the influencing variables was determined. To specify the uncertainty of the calculated hot metal price, it was crucial to describe all relations of the burden calculation in mathematical formulas. Thus an error analyses was done and integrated in the burden calculation model.


Translated title of the contributionCharacterization of statistical uncertainty of the main variables of burden calculation and impact on the uncertainty of results
Original languageGerman
Award date16 Dec 2011
Publication statusPublished - 2011