ESPs in OMV Austria E&P - Performance Analysis and Benchmarking

Research output: ThesisMaster's ThesisResearch


According to the redevelopment of the 16TH Torton project OMV Austria E&P came up with the idea of analyzing their electrical submersible pump performance within a master thesis. This RD16TH campaign represents the biggest ESP installation campaign in the history of OMV Austria E&P. During the long history of OMV Austria E&P in operating oil and gas wells, the historical development of ESP’s in OMV as well as the number of current installations (33) was researched. With reference to the redevelopment of the 16TH Torton project tender the standardization of ESP’s in five different groups took place. Additional to them, possible improvements for further future ESP installation campaigns were developed. The pump selection criteria, technical and economical point of view, were analyzed to find the reasons why an ESP was used as suitable artificial lift method. For the investigation of the economical point of view, a lifecycle cost calculation over 25 years showed that with the selected pumps and a production gross rate of over 180-m³/day, an ESP installation becomes more economical in comparison to a beam pumping unit. To cover all the installation and operation experiences with an ESP, all lessons learned and best practice examples are summarized in this thesis. The performance analysis compared values of average run life of events with values from mean time between events. Therefore the average run life analysis came up with values of 550 days (running ESP’s), 872 days (pulled) and 1,103 days for “true” failed ESP’s. The mean times between event values are higher, due to the amount of present data, and results in values of 1,795 (pulling ESP’s) and 2,468 days (“true” pump failure). Additional to this, a performance benchmark together with the OMV branch offices in Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Romania, Tunisia and Yemen was performed. Therefore, the average run life of failed ESP’s varies from 230 up to 1,103 days and the mean time between ESP failures from 735 up to 2,707 days.


Original languageEnglish
Award date27 Mar 2015
StatePublished - 2015