High-precision sensors for detecing a mechanical load of a mining tool of a tunnel boring machine

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A mining tool (100) for a drill head (150) of a tunnel boring machine (180) for mining in rock (102), wherein the mining tool (100) has a roller cutter fastening device (104), mountable on the drill head (150), for accommodating and mounting a rotatable roller cutter (106), the roller cutter (106) for mining in rock (102) is accommodated or in particular can be interchangeably accommodated rotatably in the roller cutter fastening device (104), and a sensor arrangement (112) for detecting a mechanical load of the mining tool (100), in particular of the roller cutter (106), wherein the sensor arrangement (112) is formed at least partially in the roller cutter fastening device (104) and/or on the sleeve (177) mounted on the roller cutter (106) with at least one load-sensitive element (108) mounted thereon.


Original languageEnglish
Patent numberCN106414898
IPCE21D 9/ 00 A I
Priority date2/04/15
Publication statusPublished - 15 Feb 2017