Hydrometallurgische Aufarbeitung von ausgewählten Rückständen aus der Aluminiumindustrie

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During aluminum production, in the primary as well as the secondary metallurgical route residues occur, which can only be reused involving significant effort. Apart from their high risk potential with regard to health and environment, the concentration of the contained recyclable fraction (metallic aluminum) is rather low. There are various reasons for the reprocessing of these residuals. On the one hand, the primary aim can be recovery of the metal or the additives to recycle them during the production process; on the other hand, the motivation of a treatment may be the reduction of environmentally hazardous effects to ensure safe dumping or recycling. Further possibilities of using the recyclable fraction include usage in tertiary industries such as the cement and construction materials industries as well as road construction. Besides this, the materials can be utilized as raw material for products such as abrasives or polishing agents, for water purification or as additive in certain glasses. Apart from the technical feasibility of reprocessing methods, the economic conditions for industrial realizability are of significant importance. This thesis deals with reprocessing and usage possibilities of selected residuals including spent refractory materials, dross and filter dusts occurring in the aluminum industry. The practical part of the thesis covers leaching experiments with dross dusts at different parameter settings and elution tests. The varying parameters included leaching temperature, the amount of acid added and the waiting time of the filtrated solid material between the end of leaching and the start of elution. Analysis of the filtrated residuals and the eluates helped to establish a relationship between the leaching parameters, i.e. the processing method, and the contained concentrations and to evaluate them with regard to the allowed limit values of the landfill regulation.


Translated title of the contributionHydrometallurgical reprocessing of selected residues from the aluminum industry
Original languageGerman
Award date30 Mar 2012
Publication statusPublished - 2012