Interpretation der faziellen und hydrogeologischen Verhältnisse des Raumes Baden/Bad Vöslau aufgrund von Bohrlochmessungen und seismischen Profilen

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis


This diploma paper looks at the drillings in Baden and Bad Vöslau (6 (old), 6 (new) and 7), concerning the facieses and hydrogeology. For geology and the treatment of the logs, literature of Prof. Dr. Wessely was used. The main part was his publication Niederösterreich in 2006. The basis for the petrophysical analysis formed samples, which were taken on the surface. Logs were made available of Joanneum Research Leoben. A problem was the missing combination density-neutron-log, because these are important for the estimation of porosity. Porosities (out of mass, electrical and acoustical measurements) from the samples were compared. With the exception of some little deviations the datas correlate very well. Additional a comparison of hydro-chemical determination was made, because the water of Baden and Bad Vöslau are different. Last but not least, the available logs were worked on. The porosity was calculated out of the sonic-logs. A correlation was made with the gamma-logs, one with all drillings and a second with Bad Vöslau 7 and 6 (new). In summary, the geology and the theories about the hydrology of Prof.Dr. Wessely cannot be supported but also cannot be refuted by the available drilling measurements. It was impossible to get absolute porosities, because of the different drilling-measurements-program and the correlations were only possible because of the geological profiles. Additional, gamma-logs are not the best correlation method for carbonate area.


Translated title of the contributionInterpretation of facial and hydrogeological conditions in the area of Baden/Bad Vöslau based on well logging data and seismic sections
Original languageGerman
Award date14 Dec 2007
Publication statusPublished - 2007