Logistik-Konzepte für den Roherztransport der Grube Clara

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis



This diploma thesis deals with the examination of the current, subcontracted, truck based haulage system of the fluorite and barite mine Grube Clara operated by Sachtleben Bergbau GmbH & Co KG. Several haulage concepts are examined to provide a more economic material transport in the future. The aim is to develop a cost-effective haulage system meeting the requirements for Grube Clara. Based on their general ability of ore-haulage, multiple transport technologies are characterized to recognize possible fields of operation at Grube Clara. Due to the changing requirements along the transport route, it is divided into seperate sections. The suitability of the haulage technologies is evaluated for each section in order to develop haulage systems meeting the requirements. The evaluation leads to detailed planning and feasibility calculations of the operation modes "uniform truck fleet", "uniform truck fleet with transhipping", "two truck-types with transhipping" and "container transport", each combined with underground and surface transhipping facilities. Most of the models are discarded due to operational or economic reasons. The use of containers promises economic advantages. However, it is necessary to proof the suitability of the system in a mining environment in a trial run and furthermore to negotiate the freight rate between the mine operator and the transport contractor.


Translated title of the contributionConcepts for the raw ore haulage and logistics of Grube Clara
Original languageGerman
Award date18 Dec 2015
Publication statusPublished - 2015