Logistikorientierte Aufbauorganisation und das daraus abgeleitete Informationsmanagement in einem automatisierten Distributionszentrum

Research output: Thesis › Master's Thesis


Organisational units


Automated distribution centers are complex logistic systems. To run them successfully, many requirements have to be met. Based on the technical solution, the operator for example has to provide an adequate personnel structure to ensure that all essential positions are manned. To perform their individual tasks, all these employees need to draw information from the technical framework, which should be provided to the individual information demand as well adapted as possible. Since there are no detailed specifications regarding the model of the personnel structure of a distribution center or the operators demand of information to run such logistics systems, the main objectives of this thesis are to analyze and to specify these essential prerequisites, necessary to ensure the successful management of a distribution center. A general introduction about distribution centers, including a description of several major units, functions and activities, is followed by an extensive analysis and the specification of the required personnel management for the successful operation of a distribution center. The identification of roles and the analysis of several task areas will lead to a general role model for distribution centers, which implies all roles of a typical distribution center as well as the requirement profiles for these positions. Based on this model, the individual information needs of the identified roles will be elaborated on in the next step. The satisfaction of these needs is, besides the employees qualification, the main critical precondition for the fulfilment of all requirements identified in the role model. By considering all roles of the model, it will be possible to compile and specify the operators total information demand required to manage a distribution center in a proper way. Finally, some of the thesis outcomes and findings will be implemented exemplarily for a specific project, to demonstrate the applicability of the developed model.


Translated title of the contributionThe logistics-oriented organisational structure and the according information management of an automated distribution center
Original languageGerman
Award date17 Dec 2010
Publication statusPublished - 2010