Markscheiderische-bergschadenkundliche Erkundung und Bewertung des Gefährdungspotentials von Altbergbauen der Naintsch Mineralwerke GmbH auf die Tagesoberfläche.

Research output: ThesisDiploma Thesis


The Luzenac Naintsch Mineralwerke GmbH has the responsibility to make the land surface above former underground mining areas save. For the basic research of the valued mining area “Risenhofer” the examined mining maps were available. They showed that the excavation reached different depths and following the effects were seperated in dependence on the depth. After explaining geological and hydrogeological aspects, which have a bearing on the breaking prozess, the mining maps and the surface breaks were valued. To avoid harmful effects the risk potential above excavations has to be determine by a risk analysis. With this analysis it is impossible to estimate the probability of expected surface breaks. The following risk rating represents the risks in a risk map. The risk classes are separate in accepted and non accepted risks. All results are pooled in a risk management to lay down the following procedure for non accepted risks and which arrangements have to be realized to get a safe surface. For the named former underground mining area a data bank was realized and the costs for the arrangements to get a safe surface were calculated. This procedure is still in use.


Translated title of the contributionExploration and valuation of the risk potential by former underground mining ares of the Luzenac Naintsch Mineralwerke GmbH on the land surface.
Original languageGerman
  • Randjbar, Bahman, Supervisor (internal), External person
Award date16 Dec 2005
Publication statusPublished - 2005