Massenbilanzierung der Anodenöfen einer Kupferprimärhütte

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

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This paper describes the results, as well as the realized test series for a mass balance, which was generated for anode furnaces of a copper primary plant. The input is composed of blister copper and slag. The output is fly dust, anode furnace slag, anode copper as well as sow and pot breakout. The results of the investigations describe the behavior of copper, the precious metals silver and gold, as well as some others metallic and non-metallic elements like arsenic, bismuth, nickel, antimony and tin. The different phases of the anode furnace slag are described and can be seen in a SEM micrograph. Also the distribution factor anode furnace slag/anode copper is indicated. Further investigations determined the evolution of copper, silver, gold, arsenic, bismuth, nickel, antimony, tin, iron, lead, selenium, tellurium, zinc, oxygen and sulfur in the copper melt as a function of time during oxidation, poling and casting processes. Also the evolution of some elements in the fly dust in function of time during poling is analyzed and explained.


Translated title of the contributionMass balancing of anode furnaces of a copper primary smelter plant
Original languageGerman
Award date26 Jun 2009
Publication statusPublished - 2009