Radial Drilling

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It has been for years that the Rohoel-Aufsuchungs AG is searching for new production and stimulation methods which permit acceleration of production and reserve. One of these methods, albeit quite new in Europe, is the Radial Drilling Technology which has already been applied at three RAG wells since 2008. However, no significant sustainable increase in production of oil or gas occured at any of the wells. This problem resulted in the topic of the diploma thesis at hand. The major part of this thesis adresses the analysis of the functionality and the practical process of the Radial Drilling Technology as well as the necessary equipment for the operation of the method and the Hydro Jetting mechanism. Furthermore the advantages and disadvantages of this technology are discussed and a consideration of the patent law situation and the worldwide availability is given. Moreover the obtainable substitution technolgies are analysed and the method is examined from an economic point of view. Another aspect of this thesis comprises an extensive literature research as well as an evaluation of the possible field of application for this technology together with a depiction of the geological character of the reservoir as a prerequisite for a successful application of the technology. By consideration of technologies that are based on respectively used in combination with the Radial Drilling Technology a short outlook into the future of enhanced oil recovery is given. The results and technical expertise of the diploma thesis form a starting base for following steps concerning the application of the Radial Drilling Technology at RAG.


Translated title of the contributionRadialbohren
Original languageEnglish
Award date18 Dec 2009
Publication statusPublished - 2009